Home Sushi Kit with Shape Molds

Includes Sushi Rice, Nori Sheets, Soy Sauce, Wasabi, Chopsticks, Sauce Dish, Knife, Molding Kit ! Everything you need.

Who said not to play with your food? We love this kit because you can really make fun and tasty sushi.
From heart shaped sushi, triangles, squares and circular sushi rolls, all fun to make and tasty!

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Complete Sushi Making Experience

Create your wildest sushi rolls.
Includes Sushi Rice, Nori Sheets, Soy Sauce, Wasabi !

Everything you would need to make delicious sushi rolls all in one kit.

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Imagination Creates Reality

Make classic dishes, or create something new.

Let your imagination run wild!

A Fantastic Time For Everyone

Make it a sushi night with friends.
Easy and Fun, everyone will love it.

The perfect gift set for those who love Sushi as much as we do.

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Choose Your Favorite Style

Either it be new and stylish with our heart shaped molds, or Classic style with bamboo mat. Each kit has tons of extras and both are so much fun! You can build a custom set with our accessories list.

Sushi Rice Roll Molds Kit

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Accessories for your Sushi Kits

Each Sushi Kit has its own unique features. So we’ve added the Accessories are for you to mix and match or just buy extra Sushi Rice, Nori Sheets, Wasabi, and anything else you may need.

Japanese Sushi Rice

$14 – $9.99

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Sushi Seaweed Nori Sheet

$11.99 – $7.99

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Full Accessories Bundle


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Simple and easy Instructions!

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